Who shall speak the unspeakable...


The imperceptible, who shall transcribe it ? Who shall describe which that lays unseen and taste which cannot be etten ?

Talking about perfume is talking beyond the smoke, beyond the fragrant clouds that rise from a burning thurible ; to touch, to seize, to describe the very little which we can say – about our selves.


For perfume tells itself through those who smell it, wear it, live it.


Humbly, we will let these perfumes untold, tell their stories through us. We will let them shine, yearning to be the clearest prism so they can distillate, drop by drop, their coloured rays. We will let them sing with our voice, assert through our quill, not that which they are but that which they aim to become, that which they aim us to become.  

One by one, fluid to fluid and skin to skin, we shall write the canticles that these impalpable cantors have been singing to our ears, overturning our souls,


Our bodies,

Our hearts.


The Perfume Chronicles in three words ?


The Reviews : there you’ll find, every two weeks, our Reviews of perfumes young and new, along with pictures –of course- and where to find them.


The Overviews : since there is more to the perfume culture than perfumes itself, through these Overviews we’ll explore, every two weeks, different aspects, cultures, materials related to our reviews.


The Interviews : a perfume is an object, an idea and most of all, a perfumer. As such, you will find here our Interviews of different actors of the perfume world, be they perfumers, artistic directors or addicts like us.