Ghilaf e Kaaba - The Rising Phoenix

Ghilaf-e-Kaaba - The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Ghilaf-e-Kaaba - The Rising Phoenix Perfumery


by JK de Lapp

for The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Imagine the Arabian desert.

Imagine the draught of the Holy City.

Imagine the howl of the Eastern wind.

Imagine the dunes and the Men.

Imagine the ochre sky of summer night ; the scorching sun of winter morn.

Imagine the Red Sea, its hallowed banks ; the Persian Gulf, its secret coves.

Imagine the host of pilgrims in white, their pristine dress covered in dust - and sand.

Imagine the minarets of adamant o'er the horizon, the proud trees of the holy oasis.

Imagine the mirages, the masses, imagine the fatigué, the silence - of stones.

Imagine as you come closer to the walls, the clouds of incense rising from the gates, the moucharabiehs and the mahogany columns.


Imagine the glory of marbles white, the golden crescents, their menacing shadow.

Imagine the women in sable clothes, their sticky skin of musk, their sweaty smelling musk.

Imagine the suave roses, the siroccos wafting the scent of Taif, its rosey princesses.

Imagine the silent pride of prophets aslept, the muffled murmur of broken idols,

and the slabs broken from the passing of time.

Imagine the camels burdened with amber, imagine casks of oud and shiny opoponax.

Imagine the Kiswah, its kilos of gold, its weight of silk,

its rosewater scent.

Imagine the Kaaba, the maelstrom of pilgrims, the black stone shining,

so proud.

Imagine the singing, the praying, the incense burning, the marchants shouting.

Imagine the princes, the Aramaic, the Sabeans, Ethiopians.

Imagine Arabia before Saud and the humility of saddened souls.

Imagine the pious women drinking from the fonts - of their tears.

And the stone of Adam and the sepulchre of Job in the desert.

The citadels of sand, the mosques of all Men.


Imagine the quiet night,

the cold breath of dawn and

frost crystals trapped in between the dunes.

Imagine the star covered skies, the bonfires studding the desert - sands.

Imagine the rose and amber and oud.

Imagine the manly softness of a powdery rose and the warmth of a tamed oud.

The reddening glow,

like a ruby in gold,

of a loving saffron.

Imagine Ghilaf e Kaaba, imagine the talent of JK de Lapp.

Imagine his Orient in dreams - distilled.

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One must believe in grandeur, in mystics, in power.

One must believe in these talents, their golden hands.

In the alchemists buried in humility. Believe in their eyes that see more than ours.

One must believe in hope, in gentleness.


One must believe in this perfume.

Its sweetness,

Its elegance

Ghilaf-e-Kaaba - The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

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