Remarques on Le Monarque


My fools for senses,

Le Monarque 

Le Monarque 


We wished to inaugurate our chronicles by dwelling on two brands that share, apart from the precision of their creative directions, the sharpness of their creations and an unquestionable eye for good taste, their youth. Two brands, two luxuries matching each other, talented perfumers, pure and delicate objects, olfactive treasures that invite one to explore, to explore oneselves. Two perfumes that tell a story of a far beyond, beyond the smoke.


Henceforth, we deemed it logical to open our series of articles –which we hope profuse- by remarques on Le Monarque.


Le Monarque is a surprise. Upon hearing his name, we picture a flamboyant lord greeting a hoard of suitors and ambassadors in colourful attires, bowed down by their wigs, their powders, their jewels and gold, their mirrors, their lace, by the protocol and its pride. Well, one only need cast a glance at him to understand that is it the exact opposite.


Le Monarque in question reigns over a realm of nectar and flowers. He is the apple of nature’s eye that she keeps hidden in the secret of her corollas. Le Monarque isn’t flashy – he shows himself only to those whom are truly looking for him, opens up his heart to those whom opened up to him – veritably. Le Monarque isn’t obsequious, he doesn’t care for pomp and circumstance. To brass horn he prefers the word of month, the whisper from an insider to another. Le Monarque rules over the alcoves rather than the public squares. For that matter, he’s only available in limited supply.


Le Monarque begot five princes, five children radically different but who share a common thing : their bear their genitor’s fairness. Five children whom we cannot all present unto you, since you’ll have to get to know them by yourselves. We will thus start by the one that got all our emotion : V.


Le Monarque 

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